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Simplifying the Export Process and Saving you Time and Money

New My Ozdocs Portal

Ozdocs is pleased to announce a new intuitive website to track all your EDI Transmission. This responsive, mobile-friendly website can now be used to get a status on your EDN, RFP Health Certificate and also your Pre-Receival Advice.

Ozdocs Cloud

Managed Ozdocs is a highly scalable service that allows enterprises to rapidly use Ozdocs software while alleviating the burden of Ozdocs deployment, maintenance and oversight

Obtain Free Trade (Preferential) and Cert. of Origin from Chamber of Commerce

Ozdocs is pleased to announce a new intuitive website to track all your EDI Transmission. This responsive, mobile-friendly website can now be used to get a status on your EDN, RFP Health Certificate and also your Pre-Receival Advice.


When we started…

It was the year 1983. A typical export department was overwhelmed by the process of generating a plethora of export documents. They typed, corrected sections with whitener, photocopied and if there were still errors; they retyped. Finally the sweat and wait was over. An export transaction was completed.

The iconic Ozdocs was born in 1983; the world’s first software on desktop for exporters appeared with quiet demeanour and captured the imagination of Australian Exporters. And the story of innovation continues even today with the same dedication.  Ozdocs still leads the way with its unparalleled presence in export industry.

The Story Continues..

Being first is one thing, keeping pace with innovation to lead is another matter altogether. That is where Ozdocs differs from many; it has continued to innovate and here is the evidence. Ozdocs group today has one of the largest holding of patents and Ozdocs group continues creating technologies for a number of key Industries.

Seeing is Believing

But don’t take our words for it. After all, seeing is believing.  So look at the Ozdocs Group of Companies










                      Ozdocs Group - At a Glance                                                        The Patent holdings of Ozdocs Group


Please click at above images to see their Enlarged Views.


You will find that true to our motto of ‘Multiple Technologies – Singular Goal’, we are fully equipped with multiple technologies to serve you better.


The Ozdocs Group of Companies and its Services

Ozdocs remains focussed on serving Export Industry by excelling in the following areas:

  • Export Documentation and Automation

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • PKI and Security Product Design and Development

  • B2B Messaging Solutions Design and Development

  • Australian Customs Requirements for the exporters

  • Primary Industry Health certificate requirement for the exporters

  • Certificate of Origin and Free Trade Agreement Compliance

And that is just the start, with rich set of technological skills, Ozdocs has spanned its branches to serve many other key industries with leading software products.

Industries Serviced by Ozdocs Group of Companies

In addition to Export, Ozdocs services the following industries:

  • Wool Industry by Talman

  • EDI network services to link buyers and suppliers

  • Risk Management Software delivered by Tickit Software and Corprofit KnowRisk and Linus Revive products

  • Insurance Quotation and Certificate Issuance

  • Laboratory Management Information System by Lims1 – LTech and Oil CommanderInfotrak Global

And we are growing to cover more industries, while we are ever conscious of our motto – Multiple Technologies: Singular Goal. We have talent pool of multiple technologies and our singular goal is to offer unprecedented productivity gain to our customers with excellence in service delivery.


People Talking About Us

I was amazed to experience the benefit of your mobile applications. The one which fits into our hectic workflow is the EDN alert messaging service. I can track the status of our export anytime anywhere. Now that is simply superb!

InforGraphics Tree.jpg
The Patent holiding of Ozdocs Group


Solutions from Ozdocs have been installed at more than a 1000 customer sites across the globe.

Ozdocs International Solutions Offer



Ozdocs delivers solutions that are designed from ground up on key enterprise technologies and databases to handle end to end connectivity with large scale systems and automation processes.


Ozdocs products integrate seamlessly with a plethora of ERP and back-office systems to allow users to leverage on their investments in existing in-house systems for greater productivity.


Ozdocs maximizes its customers’ security by providing the most resilient and least vulnerable software possible.


Ozdocs capitalizes on its modular architecture to provide its users with software that can be extended on demand.


Ozdocs solutions bring to its users over thirty years of experience in designing and delivering complex software on the web and desktop to some of the key industries such as Finance, Logistics and Manufacturing.

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