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Export Automation



Netdocs provides the capability to send export and trade documents via email. Netdocs allows export documentation to be digitised and emailed directly out of the Ozdocs to trading partners. Documents sent via Netdocs can even be tracked via our network service to provide irrefutable proof of delivery and can also be set to expire where documents are bound by time restrictions.

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Autocom provides Ozdocs users with automation capability in a multi or single user environment. Autocom enables automatic communication by downloading or sending transmissions from a centralised location without any human intervention. With Autocom, Ozdocs users (in a multi-user environment) do not have to worry about sending and receiving messages directly from their personal computers. Due to its centralised nature Autocom users only require a single computer to be configured through the corporate firewall thereby making it very easy for corporate security administrators to manage and control.

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Autodocs is a plug-in for Autocom that allows automation of integration with Back-office and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Autodocs users can automate their integration with in-house Back-office and ERP Systems and Ozdocs integration software by providing instructions for automated data exchange.

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Ozdocs Printmaster runs on your network to manage printing of Ozdocs Export documents. In a multi-user environment, Ozdocs PrintMaster collates document sets and shifts the print processing load from user’s personal computer to a separate print server thereby freeing resources on the user’s computer.

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Corporate Ozdocs Users require Ozdocs Automation software to continuously run as background process on Windows Servers even when no users are logged on. Windows Server Operating Systems provide the capability to run programs as background tasks, even when no user is logged onto the system. Such programs are referred to as Windows Services. TaskMaster allows your Ozdocs automation programs to be run as a service on Windows Server Operating Systems. TaskMaster is particularly useful to users whose Ozdocs application server and automation components are located in corporate data centers providing these components to be started automatically whenever Operating system is started.

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