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Enterprise Application Integration



Maindoor provides seamless integration with in-house Back-office and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Organisations that make use of ERP applications need to key in data once in their ERP systems. This data can then be transferred to Ozdocs for completion of Export Documentation and meeting regulatory requirements. Using Maindoor organisation can leverage on their investments in ERP systems and automate their export process for increase and accuracy and productivity. Maindoor can integrate with an ERP or back-office application of your choice, namely,

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Maindoor for Accounting Packages

Maindoor for Accounting Packages interfaces with in-house accounting packages used by Exporters. Data from these accounting packages can be directly transferred to Ozdocs enabling Ozdocs users to use existing data to meet export requirements. Maindoor for Accounting Packages integrates well with industry standard accounting packages such as MYOB, SAGE, and ACCPAC etc. If you use an accounting package and want to integrate it with Ozdocs, check with us as we may help you in bringing Ozdocs and you accounting package closer for complete automation.

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As the name suggests, ERPHub provides the platform for Ozdocs integration with ERP Packages through XML data format. In-house ERP systems of large Exporters can utilise data in their ERP systems for export automation by sending the export data to Ozdocs in XML format. ERP systems can also query or request hub can also provide data back to ERP systems in a pre-agreed XML format. ERPHub is a SAP Certified Integration product and also integrates well with other ERP applications.

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Swift Credit

Swift Letter of Credit transfers your Letter of Credit directly into Ozdocs. Using the Swift Credit you can increase accuracy and speedily transfer all LC data directly into Ozdocs for your export documentation requirements. With Swift Letter of Credit you do not manually have to type your Letter of Credit data into Ozdocs saving you a lot of time and increasing productivity.

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INTTRA is a single electronic gateway enables Exporters to manage scheduling, booking, documentation, Bills of Lading, and tracking of cargo across multiple shipping lines. INTTRA-FIDOCS allows exporters to perform above mentioned functionality electronically. INTTRA-FIDOCS integrates seamlessly with Ozdocs enabling Exporters to re-sue their existing data for cargo shipments.

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CertConnect is a desktop and web-based application that helps Exporters obtain their Certificates of Origin electronically. With CertConnect Exporters do not have to rely on courier or postal department to obtain their Certificate Of Origin. Non Ozdocs users can also complete this process on the Web by using CertConnect’s web facility.

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