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Regulatory Compliance


For Australian Customs Integrated Cargo System


EDNdocs links Exporters to Australian Customs to file their Export Declarations. EDNdocs allows Exporters to electronically prepare and lodge their Export Declarations based on which Customs provides them with Export Declaration Numbers for shipments leaving Australia. EDNdocs is fully compliant with the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) initiative of Australian Customs under the Cargo Management Re-engineering platform.

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CRNdocs allows Exporters to submit Consolidation Sub-Manifests to Customs when multiple consignments need to be consolidated. Using CRNdocs Exporters can electronically lodge sub-manifests and obtain their Consolidated Reference Numbers (CRNs) from Customs Integrated Cargo System.

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Duty Drawback

Ozdocs software users who are Exporters as well as Importers can make use of Duty Drawback to claim their drawbacks from Australian Customs. Using the Ozdocs Duty Drawback software, Exporters can prepare and file drawback claims with ease thereby enabling a much faster return in Ozdocs investment.

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For Australian Quarantine and Inspection System


DPIdocs provides Australian Meat exporters with the capability to interface with the AQIS EXDOC system to obtain their Export Permit Numbers and Health Certificates. DPIdocs complies with all AQIS EXDOC EDIFACT specifications for submission of RFPs to AQIS.

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Primedocs provides connectivity to AQIS for Exporting dairy, fish, grain and horticulture products. Primedocs interfaces with the AQIS EXDOC system thereby enabling submission of RFPs to AQIS in EDIFACT format. Based on the response from AQIS, Exporters are able to produce paper based certificates signifying AQIS endorsement.

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Cargo Terminal Operators


The PRA is the electronic replacement for the current paper document known as an Export Receival Advice (ERA). Exporters are now required to pre-advice export containerized cargo details to Stevedores and Cargo Terminal Operators (CTOs), before the container arrives at the terminal. PRAdocs provides Exporters with the capability to submit their Pre-Receival Advice electronically to CTOs saving them of the penalties imposed by CTOs in case undeclared containers arrive at the terminal.

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New Zealand Customs Service


NZExit EDI software links NZdocs to NZ Customs Service’s Electronic Export Entry scheme. Using NZExit, exporters can transmit CUSDEC (Customs declaration) messages directly to New Zealand Customs and receive CUSRES (Customs response) messages in relation to lodgment of their export clearances.

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