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Electronic Certificate of Origin

What is Certificate or Origin:

A Certificate of Origin (COO) is a trade document required by Exporters as part of their documentation for the export process. It certifies that the origin of goods declared by the exporter is true and includes details such as exporter and importer information, the method of transport, port of origin and destination and a description of the goods. The Certificate of Origin must be issued by an authorised body, such as an Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or approved Industry Body. A Certificate of Origin may also form part of complete set of trade documents that have to be submitted to the bank for payment or to Customs for the speedy clearance of goods leaving Australia.

What is Free Trade Agreements(FTA):

Free trade agreements (FTAs) are international treaties that reduce barriers to trade and investment. Australia’s FTAs — both with individual countries and groups of countries— provide:

  • better Australian access to important markets

  • an improved competitive position for Australian exports

  • more prospects for increased two-way investment, and

  • reduced import costs for Australian businesses and consumers alike

*Above information related to the FTA is taken from DFAT website, for more information please visit DFAT website at

Ozdocs provides seamless integration with all chamber of commerce to obtain both kinds, Free Trade (Preferential) and Australian Certificate of Origin. For more details please see the DFAT Website and FTA Portal

Current Certificates of Origin that you can obtain electronically using Ozdocs are:

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certified Declaration of Origin

  • AANZFTA – ASEAN Countries Certificate of Origin including First Protocol

  • TAFTA – Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement

  • JAEPA – Japan Australian Economic Partnership Agreement

  • KAFTA – Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement

  • CAFTA Certificate of Origin

  • Free Sale Certificate of Origin

All other certificates which are not approved for Electronic delivery can be also printed in-house and sent to Chambers for manual certification and stamping. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us now.

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