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Ozdocs Cloud

Managed Ozdocs is a highly scalable service that allows enterprises to rapidly use Ozdocs software while alleviating the burden of Ozdocs deployment, maintenance, and oversight. Under Managed Ozdocs enterprises retain complete control over customised Ozdocs software, integration with back-office or ERP systems and at the same time enjoy the benefits provided by a dedicated Ozdocs Application Service Provider.

Key Benefits:

Fast to Deploy – A fully operational Ozdocs can be up and running within a few hours

Low Cost of Ownership – Reduce costs by using a fully managed service that comes with a highly redundant infrastructure, ensuring complete business and application continuity

Scalability – Managed Ozdocs service scales smoothly to any number of users. Companies can keep their existing users without experiencing any performance issues

No Additional Infrastructure or Software Required – Apart from the connectivity software and an internet connection, Managed Ozdocs users do not require any additional software to connect to Ozdocs. If you are an existing Ozdocs user, you can utilise your current Ozdocs license and migrate to the Managed Ozdocs platform without any additional investment in Ozdocs software that you already own

Highly Reliable Operations – Ozdocs operates to deliver software services beyond the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Managed Ozdocs runs on the proven Ozdocs platform of Managed Software services backed by a highly secure infrastructure, trained Ozdocs staff, redundant systems, customer support for mission-critical software, disaster recovery, and full audit and archiving

Comprehensive Functionality – Managed Ozdocs service allows enterprises to quickly,securely, and cost-effectively use the Ozdocs platform for export automation. Ozdocs users can connect to their fully customised Ozdocs applications in record time. Ozdocs users can access all features of document preparation and even obtain hard copy printouts of their export documents directly on  their local printers connected to their local environments.

Fast, Scalable Deployment With User Friendly Remote Access – Easy-to-use connectivity kits and pre-integration with existing application ensures rapid deployment of the Managed Ozdocs services. Managed Ozdocs service has been proven under real-world conditions to provide all the Ozdocs features directly on user’s desktop. In addition, because all services are hosted on Ozdocs’ existing infrastructure, implementation can be completed in a matter of days, if not hours.

Tight Integration with Back-office Systems and Existing ERP Applications – Ozdocs ensures that Managed Ozdocs services integrate seamlessly with existing Back-office Systems and ERP Applications. Additionally, the solutions are robust and well suited to support integration with corporate networks through LANs, WANs and other applications.

Prompt Problem Resolution – Ozdocs’ motto of “Providing Service beyond the Service Level Agreement” ensures high standards of customer service to users of Managed Ozdocs services. Our technical staff by virtue of being closely involved in the development process can speedily provide solutions to your Managed Ozdocs support issues.

Smooth Upgrades – In this era of strict regulatory compliance, there is continuous change in data reporting requirements to regulatory bodies such as Customs, AQIS or Cargo Terminal Operators. Although Ozdocs responds promptly to these dynamic changes by regularly delivering software upgrades, due to segregation of roles of IT staff and Ozdocs users, these upgrades are left unattended when delivered to corporations. With Managed Ozdocs such issues never arise because they are addressed automatically by Ozdocs staff for you thereby making the most up-to-date software available to you at all times.

Managed Ozdocs is for Ozdocs Users who realise that their export processes are critical to their business and want the reliability offered by the creators of Ozdocs software. Managed Ozdocs allows in-house IT staff to concentrate more on other IT tasks and provides uninterrupted Ozdocs access to the export department. If exports are crucial to your business and you are looking a reliable solution partner that provides high availability of you export, please contact now to organise a demo and get benefited by Ozdocs on cloud.

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